22 January 2013

Unleash the PDFs!

The town criers are crying out the news, and for the near future I expect the hubbub to drown out the discussion of other topics, but the news is big as far as the Old School Renaissance community is concerned. Yes, the rumors were true. Wizards of the Coast has made the Dungeons & Dragons PDFs available once again in their former lair at RPGNow.com as well as their own online store dedicated to D&D classics called, appropriately, dndclassics.com. The site boldly declares "EVERY EDITION AVAILABLE AGAIN," which should warm the hearts and lighten the money pouches of many members of the D&D diaspora. (I really might need to start a separate PDF wish list just to make things more manageable.) Will every grognard be appeased by this news? Well, no, of course not. We're talking about grognards. But many will be heartened, and Wizards of the Coast, many of us will agree, is doing the right thing by mending this particular palisade.

For my own part, I wish to thank Wizards of the Coast for unleashing the PDFs for the enjoyment and education of all role-playing gamers everywhere. Thank you!

[Edit: Oh, yes, I forgot to mention that B1 In Search of the Unknown, the classic Basic D&D module, is free for the opening week of dndclassics.com.]

(In case you missed it, and I'm sure you have, my regularly scheduled post is here.)

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