30 September 2012

Magic Item: Gloves of Rude Gesturing

This magic item could have comedic or tragic consequences (or both) for its owner:

Gloves of Rude Gesturing

These gloves (or gauntlets, in some cases) function in all ways as normal apparel until such time as the wearer encounters an intelligent being. The gloves then force the wearer to make a rude gesture in the being's direction. Any being to whom the gesture is directed and who sees the gesture will be affected as if by a curse unless a successful saving throw vs. magic is made. In addition, the GM will add +3 to rolls made on the Monster Reaction Table to reflect the hostility inspired by such a gesture. The gloves will force their wearer to maintain the gesture until the object of their insult witnesses the gesture or the wearer is able to make a successful save vs. magic, which may be attempted once per round. Saving throws will be required each round until the being sees the insult or is no longer visible. The gloves may be removed only by means of a remove curse, a wish, or immersion in a suitable enchanted oil. (Normal butter is also effective 50% of the time, although the procedure takes 1d30 rounds.)