07 July 2023

Preparing for the 10th RPGaDay

RPGaDay2023 is nigh, and this time I shall be posting my daily responses throughout August on Facebook instead of Twitter. As usual, I shall compile them in a single article here in early September. Are you participating, and if so, where?

[Correction: I'll avoid subjecting my non-gaming friends on Facebook to my #RPGaDay answers and subject the readers of this blog to them instead. Daily. Sorry, readers of this blog (if there are any).]

RPGaDay 2023 graphic.
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05 July 2023

Phage from Below Crowdfunding in Progress

The Kickstarter project for Phage from Below, Tim Snider's 2nd level adventure for Mutant Crawl Classics RPG, is currently in progress at the low price of $5.00 for the PDF and the option to purchase an at-cost, print-on-demand copy. Add-ons include the 1st level adventure The Desk in Room 8-10 and the 0 level funnel Dead in the Water at $5.00 each for the PDF and the same hard copy option. The deadline to back the project is 15 July 2023.