26 January 2013

Magical Spell: Bubble of Olfactory Memory

The following spell enables the caster to capture and store the scents of another time and place.

Bubble of Olfactory Memory

Spell Class: Magic-user
Spell Level: 4
Range: Special
Duration: Permanent

The casting of a bubble of olfactory memory creates a transparent sphere 1 cubit* in diameter. This sphere is invulnerable to any blunt force, but the merest pinprick or contact with an edged weapon will cause it to burst. Casting dispel magic upon one will cause it to revert to a normal bubble. The caster or any magic-user may reduce its size to that of a pearl or restore it to its normal size at will, but must touch it in order to effect such change. Wherever a bubble is cast, it will store the scents of its immediate surroundings. Thenceforth, if a flame of any size is applied to the bubble, it will release the scents to its new surroundings until the flame is removed. The scents are recreated exactly as they existed in the time and place in which they were stored. In this manner, one could recreate the scents of a flower garden, a forest, the seaside, a bakery, an incense-filled temple, a crime scene, etc. This spell does not confer or limit any olfactory capacity on the part of the smeller. Those with superior olfactory powers, especially animals such as dogs, will be able to sense far more than those of average or below average olfaction.

N.B. This spell recreates all nonmagical scents in its immediate vicinity including, if present, noxious or mind-altering gases.

* 18 inches or 0.5 m.

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