25 January 2013

Magical Spell: Bubble of Aural Memory

Similar to the spell clairaudience, the following spell enables the caster to hear a distant place, but isolated to a specific time. It is a mystical tape recorder, if you will.

Bubble of Aural Memory

Spell Class: Magic-user
Spell Level: 4
Range: Special
Duration: Permanent

The casting of a bubble of aural memory creates a transparent sphere 1 cubit* in diameter. This sphere is invulnerable to any blunt force, but the merest pinprick or contact with an edged weapon will cause it to burst. Casting dispel magic upon one will cause it to revert to a normal bubble. The caster or any magic-user may reduce its size to that of a pearl or restore it to its normal size at will, but must touch it in order to effect such change. Wherever a bubble is cast, it will store the sounds of its surroundings for as long as desired to a maximum of one hour per level of the caster. The caster need not concentrate on the spell nor remain in proximity once it begins. When the storage is complete, the bubble may be consulted anywhere, and anyone who holds it to his or her ear will be able to hear the sounds just as they occurred when the spell was cast. This spell does not confer or limit any aural capacity on the part of the listener. Those with superior hearing will be able to hear more than those of average or below average hearing just as if they were present when the sounds were stored. Conversely, those with inferior hearing will be able to hear only as much as they would ordinarily be capable of hearing in the same situation.

* 18 inches or 0.5 m.

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