11 January 2013

To the Slave Pits of Abhoth

In the midst of all these RPG Kickstarter projects (of which I have backed a few including, most recently, this one), I would like to point out a free gaming product that deserves attention from the Old School Renaissance community: The Slave Pits of Abhoth by FrDave of Blood of Prokopius. It is a well-designed adventure for Labyrinth Lord or any other compatible role-playing game, and it is inspired by the first of the A series modules created for You Know What Fantasy Role-Playing Game. This is a re-imagining of that adventure that is far more than a mere conversion from one game system to its retro-clone. It is an original work with a unique perspective, and it embodies the best qualities of the OSR: creativity, utility, versatility, and generosity. Thank you again, FrDave, for sharing this excellent adventure.


  1. Thanks for the kind words, Gordon. I appreciate it.