20 June 2022

Free RPG Day and Mutant Crawl Classics Playtests

Tim Snider of Savage Afterworld is reminding everyone that the 25th of June is Free RPG Day and that he is running two Mutant Crawl Classics playtests (also free) via Zoom. Read the details here. Be there!

04 June 2022

A Moment of Phrustration

In our hobby (fantasy role-playing), we've seen high fantasy, low fantasy, grimdark fantasy, and science fantasy. And in those sub-genres we've seen characters depicted in various garb: traditional pseudohistorical, pulp barbarian, dungeonpunk, Renaissance Fair cosplay, anime/manga cosplay, etc. But how often do we see medieval fantasy role-playing characters depicted in actual historically accurate clothing? If I'm supposed to immerse myself in a fantastic analogue of the Middle Ages, I want to see fashion no later than that of the 14th Century. Why? Because I find the alternatives boring. That's all. A modicum of historical accuracy would represent an exciting and radical departure from mainstream popular culture fantasy. I crave it, because I am bored of the banality of most mainstream commercial art. It doesn't inspire me, it doesn't transport me, and it doesn't make me want to buy or play whatever game it illustrates. I am tired of uninteresting, unimaginative fantasy art. I'd rather have a product with no art than uninspiring art.

This concludes my rant.

Game on.