04 January 2013

Table: Enchanted Springs

Some springs are known far and wide for the miraculous effect they have on any who drink from them, and thus become popular places of pilgrimage. Some of these springs are known only to a few who jealously guard the secret. Others of a magical or holy nature may yet remain undiscovered. The following table may be used to randomly generate the unusual benefits of enchanted springs both known and unknown:

Enchanted Springs

Roll 1d20

  1. Acts as the spell cure disease.
  2. Acts as the spell regenerate.
  3. Acts as the spell remove curse.
  4. Acts as the spell restoration.
  5. Cures blindness.
  6. Cures deafness.
  7. Heals 1d4 hit points.
  8. Heals 2d4 hit points.
  9. Heals 3d4 hit points.
  10. Heals 4d4 hit points.
  11. Imbues the drinker with cold resistance for three days.*
  12. Imbues the drinker with fire resistance for three days.*
  13. Imbues the drinker with immunity to disease for a fortnight.*
  14. Imbues the drinker with immunity to poison for seven days.*
  15. Increases the drinker's charisma permanently by 1 point.**
  16. Increases the drinker's constitution permanently by 1 point.**
  17. Restores strength, agility, and mobility.
  18. Reverses the drinker's physiological age by 1d6 years.
  19. Turns the drinker blue for two days.*
  20. Turns the drinker invisible for 1d6 hours.*

* This benefit cannot be extended by additional drinking until the initial effect wears off.
** This benefit can be used to increase the drinker's attribute once only, but can be used to restore lost attribute points multiple times.

[Edit: As an option, all springs have the benefit of restoring (or temporarily granting) 1 hit point to any who drink from them in addition to their primary benefit. This emphasizes their magical nature even to those who cannot take advantage of their most noteworthy quality, e.g. a person with sight who drinks from a spring that cures blindness will still experience a magical effect. Even if the drinker has no hit points to restore, he or she will gain a temporary increase of 1 hit point. This hit point, once lost, cannot be regained through healing or any other means except drinking from the spring, and no more than 1 such hit point may be gained at a time.]

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