06 January 2013

Table: Mystical Pools

Whether found in shrines or temple courtyards, caves or hidden grottoes, the mystical pool is a source of wonder and power. It may be sacred or sorcerous, but it is most certainly ancient and beyond the ken of mortals. Unlike enchanted springs or cursed wells, the supernatural effect of a mystical pool is revealed not by drinking from it, but by either gazing upon it or wading into it (possibly even to the extent of completely submerging oneself in it). The following table may be used to generate the peculiar effects of mystical pools and whether these effects are discovered by gazing or wading:

Mystical Pools

Roll 1d20

  1. Acts as the spell bless to the wader.
  2. Acts as the spell charm person (enslaving the gazer to the first person heard).
  3. Acts as the spell clairaudience to the gazer as long as the gaze is held.
  4. Acts as the spell clairvoyance to the gazer as long as the gaze is held.
  5. Acts as the spell commune for clerics of the deity for whom it is sacred.
  6. Acts as the spell contact other plane to the gazer.
  7. Acts as the spell fear to the gazer.
  8. Acts as the spell heal to the wader.
  9. Acts as the spell hold person to the gazer until visual contact is broken.
  10. Acts as the spell prayer to the wader.
  11. Acts as the spell protection from evil to the wader.
  12. Creates a clone that attacks the gazer.
  13. Imbues the gazer with telepathy as long as the gaze is held.
  14. Imbues the wader with water breathing for a fortnight.*
  15. Increases the gazer's intelligence permanently by 1 point.**
  16. Increases the gazer's wisdom permanently by 1 point.**
  17. Polymorphs the wader into a fish.
  18. Teleports the wader to any desired location.
  19. Teleports the wader to a predetermined location.
  20. Turns the gazer to stone.

* This benefit cannot be extended by additional immersion until the initial effect wears off.
** This benefit can be used to increase the gazer's attribute once only, but can be used to restore lost attribute points multiple times.

N.B. Saving throws, if any, are at the referee's discretion.

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