07 August 2022

Some Random Topics

RPGaDay situation: My answers for this year's RPGaDay are succinct enough that I decided to continue my tradition of posting them daily on Twitter and collecting them into a single article at the end of August or the beginning of September. If you wish to read them on Twitter, my handle is @Cuparius.

RPG I've played most often in the last year or so: Mutant Crawl Classics RPG

RPGs I've GMed most often in the last year or so: Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG and Ghostbusters 1st edition

Board game I've played most often since the beginning of 2020: Don Quixote

RPGs I most need to run in the very near future: Ghostbusters, Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG, Teenagers from Outer Space

Other RPGs I want to run as soon as possible: Savage World of Flash Gordon (Savage Worlds), Awfully Cheerful Engine! RPG, Zorro: The Roleplaying Game.

Thing I need to adapt to RPG for a friend: Tron

Missed deadline due to annual forgetfulness: One Page Dungeon Contest 2022

Ironclad goal for this year: Publish my first zine.

16 July 2022

Last Minute DCC RPG News

Happy DCC Day! For those fortunate to live near participating stores, DCC Day is a Goodman Games holiday celebrating Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG. And it's today!

Today is also the last day to support the 2022 Purple Sorcerer Games Free Tools Pledge. It's a free resource highly valued by the DCC RPG community. You, too, can be a supporter, so act now!

10 July 2022

Seeking a Squad Leader Lead

Sometime this millenium, somewhere on the blogosphere or elsewhere in the wonderful world of the Internet, I read a very entertaining tongue-in-cheek article about Squad Leader and Advanced Squad Leader that made me laugh quite a bit. I can't recall who wrote it and I seem to have lost the bookmark, so I am humbly asking if anyone who remembers it can please direct me to it or at least share the author's name and/or the article's title. Thank you in advance.

02 July 2022

Contemplating RPGaDay Again

RPGaDay2022 is around the corner (a corner named August), and this year I am trying to decide whether I should follow my method of the last few years (posting my answers daily to Twitter and then compiling them all into a single blog article at the end of the month) or my original method (posting my answers daily to Applied Phantasticality as individual articles). I know there are those who used to complain about the latter method back in the Google+ days, but I don't know if any of them even read my blogs. Twitter is more convenient, but I am disenchented with it (especially since its possible new owner was announced). As far as reach goes, I have no idea. I have a month to decide, though.

RPGaDay 2022 graphic.
[Click image to enlarge.]

20 June 2022

Free RPG Day and Mutant Crawl Classics Playtests

Tim Snider of Savage Afterworld is reminding everyone that the 25th of June is Free RPG Day and that he is running two Mutant Crawl Classics playtests (also free) via Zoom. Read the details here. Be there!

04 June 2022

A Moment of Phrustration

In our hobby (fantasy role-playing), we've seen high fantasy, low fantasy, grimdark fantasy, and science fantasy. And in those sub-genres we've seen characters depicted in various garb: traditional pseudohistorical, pulp barbarian, dungeonpunk, Renaissance Fair cosplay, anime/manga cosplay, etc. But how often do we see medieval fantasy role-playing characters depicted in actual historically accurate clothing? If I'm supposed to immerse myself in a fantastic analogue of the Middle Ages, I want to see fashion no later than that of the 14th Century. Why? Because I find the alternatives boring. That's all. A modicum of historical accuracy would represent an exciting and radical departure from mainstream popular culture fantasy. I crave it, because I am bored of the banality of most mainstream commercial art. It doesn't inspire me, it doesn't transport me, and it doesn't make me want to buy or play whatever game it illustrates. I am tired of uninteresting, unimaginative fantasy art. I'd rather have a product with no art than uninspiring art.

This concludes my rant.

Game on.

18 May 2022

Return of The Savage Afterworld

Tim Snider's post-apocalyptic gaming blog, The Savage Afterworld, has reawakened, so bookmark it and add it to your blog roll.

30 April 2022

Table of the Quasi-Answerable

As a bonus to Random Generator Month 2022, readers may notice I added a few random tables after the completion of the Unpredict-O-Bubble Table, which are now part of the...

Table of the Quasi-Answerable

Roll 1d6 if you dare!

1. Roll on the Magic d20 or Oracular Icosahedron? Tables!
2. Roll on the Universal Resolution System Table!
3. Roll on the Variable Resolution System Table!
4. Roll on the Low Impact Reactions Table!
5. Roll on the High Impact Reactions Table!
6. Roll on the Player Character Reactions Table!

28 April 2022

Table: Player Character Reactions

Why should monsters and non-player characters have all the fun with reaction tables? Why can't players make random decisions for their characters with their own reaction table? Now they can with the Player Character Reactions table! Let the dice decide!

Player Character Reactions

Roll 2d6

The player character responds by...

2Fleeing (which is uncommonly wise).
3-5Checking stuff (spells, weapons, equipment, did I mention spells?).
6-8Fighting (as usual).
9-11Sneaking (e.g. attempting to backstab in full view of everyone).
12Parleying (or, to be more specific, lying).

[The above is a table of the Table of the Quasi-Answerable.]

27 April 2022

Table: High Impact Reactions

Are you weary of the same old reaction table churning out the same old reactions regardless of extenuating circumstances? Would you like to break up the monotony of casual adventuring with a bit of bloodshed? Then perhaps you need High Impact Reactions. Whenever your adventurers encounter a monster or nonmonster with an inclination for violence, roll on the High Impact Reactions table for an action-packed role-playing experience. Enjoy!

High Impact Reactions

Roll 2d6

The being's reaction is...

2Berserk. Attacks anything and everything.
3-5Furious. Attacks with unbridled ferocity.
6-8Ambivalent. Alternately attacks and apologizes.
9-11Excited. Wants to go killing and/or carousing with you.
12Bonded. Wants to make a blood oath alliance.

[The above is a table of the Table of the Quasi-Answerable.]