31 March 2023

Your Dungeon Tour Table

We are on the cusp of Random Generator Month (also known as April) when little random generators come out to frolic. This year, the random generators will work together to bring you randomly generated dungeons in what I like to call Your Dungeon Tour. It may seem like a normal random dungeon generator, but it is my hope that it will confound you in new and interesting ways when it is complete. Use Your Dungeon Tour Table to torment your friends and yourself to-day!

For the complete experience, roll first on the Occasional Checks table and follow the tour from there.

Your Dungeon Tour Table

Roll 1d30

1. Roll on the Occasional Checks Table!
2. Roll on the Passage Width Table!
3. Roll on the Passage Description Table!
4. Roll on the Passage Turns Table!
5. Roll on the Side Passages Table!
6. Roll on the Doors Table!
7. Roll on the Door Status Table!
8. Roll on the Boobytraps Table!
9. Roll on the Door Access Table!
10. Roll on the Secret Doors Table!
11. Roll on the Secret Door Access Table!
12. Roll on the Closets Table!
13. Roll on the Phantastical Anomalies Table!
14. Roll on the Phenomenal Effects Table!
15. Roll on the Rooms Table!
16. Roll on the Exits Table!
17. Roll on the Room Contents Table!
18. Roll on the Treasure Found Table!
19. Roll on the Parlor Tricks Table!
20. Roll on the Room Traps Table!
21. Roll on the Treasure Traps Table!
22. Roll on the Treasure Hidden Table!
23. Roll on the Room Monsters Table!
24. Roll on the Wandering Monsters Table!
25. Roll on the Means of Ascent or Descent Table!
26. Roll on the Chambers Table!
27. Roll on the Passage Traps Table!
28. Roll on the Passage Tricks Table!
29. Roll on the Dungeon Ambience Table!
30. Roll on the Dungeon Rationale Table!

29 March 2023

Random Generator Month 2023 Plans

April is nigh, which means I must begin preparations for Random Generator Month here in Applied Phantasticality. In honor of this year's event, I added a permanent link to the new Random Generator Month ultra-mega-table, which in turn links to various mega-tables, which in turn link to, well, tables.

At this point in time and space, I am thinking about connecting this year's Random Generator Month challenge to my Dungeon of Castle Greyauk project. The two projects could reinforce one another quite nicely. Time to brainstorm!

Happy upcoming Random Generator Month!

19 March 2023

Advice and Perspective

I don't think the hobby is served well by those who presume to dictate a "correct" way of running or playing a role-playing game. It is different at every table, it has always been that way, and it shall always be that way. You can try to convert others to your way of thinking, but gamers will do what gamers do—their own thing. If you have what you believe is good advice for those who might enjoy your style of gaming, go ahead and share it, but keep in mind there is no One True Way. Recognize that every table is different and every person at that table is an individual. Respect our differences, and remember that some gamers have needs with regard to accessibility.

If you have a voice in the hobby, use it to help others to participate. Fight for inclusion, not exclusion. Be aware of your responsibility to other hobbyists and those who wish to join.

[This article is cross-posted here in Creative Reckoning.]

06 March 2023

Fashionably Late to the Megadungeon Party

I've given it some thought, and today I finally feel inspired enough to participate in the room-a-day megadungeon challenge. Yes, it means I am two months and a week behind schedule, but I'd rather be inspired and have a late start than uninspired and on time.

I prefer to have a strategy with any undertaking, and my strategy will be this:

  • I'll start with a concept: the dungeon of Castle Greyauk.
  • It will be a funhouse dungeon, a fungeon.
  • At first, I will map it with early published random dungeon generators e.g., 1e AD&D Dungeon Masters Guide (Appendix A, pp. 169-173).
  • I'll stock it partly randomly, partly not-randomly.
  • Gradually, I'll replace the use of the published random dungeon generators with one of my own for comparison.
  • Throughout, I will plant the seeds of the main theme and underlying Secret Themes.
  • It will be system neutral, but I might include stats for several different RPGs (Thieves' World-style).
  • Later, I just might publish it.

A plan so crazy, it just might work...