27 February 2022

Table: Peculiar Marriage Rituals

Roll on this table once or twice to generate unusual customs of a matrinmonial nature in phantastic lands.

Peculiar Marriage Rituals

Roll 1d12

In this land, weddings are...

1. Conducted at night.
2. Conducted outdoors.
3. Conducted whilst standing on one foot.
4. Followed by a moment of flatulence.
5. Followed by mob foot-balle.
6. Followed by swimming.
7. Officiated by a beekeeper.
8. Officiated by a jester.
9. Officiated by a magician.
10. Preceded by a donnybrook.
11. Preceded by a fast.
12. Preceded by planting a tree.

22 February 2022

Everybody Rolls When They Come to My House

Who rolls the dice at your table? Does the Dungeon Master make all damage rolls per the Dungeons & Dragons Basic Set of 1981? Does the GM make all rolls per the HarmonQuest interpretation of Pathfinder? Does the GM make no combat rolls per The Black Hack? Apart from the role-playing games that actually address the question of who rolls dice and under what circumstances, different gaming groups have their own dice-rolling traditions regardless of what the rules may or may not say.

As for me, I say everybody rolls who wants to roll. Players roll for their own characters, GMs roll for the non-player characters, and everyone makes their own damage rolls. It's just the way I roll.

N.B. The title of this article is inspired by the song, "Everybody Eats When They Come to My House" by Cab Calloway.

06 February 2022

Phantastical Anniversary Imminent

In March, this blog (my oldest surviving gaming blog) will be ten years old. I'm not sure how I will commemorate the anniversary, but it will probably involve a retrospective of some sort. I have a month to ponder the matter. In the meantime...

Game on.