09 January 2013

Random Hit Location Generator: d6 Version

Sometimes it's useful — even in an old school role-playing game with abstract combat rules — to know exactly where a blow has fallen. Whether one needs this information for every attack (to determine armor coverage or just to know where one's battle scars are) or only for critical hits (to determine what part of the body is to be maimed, mangled, or severed), a random hit location generator is the answer. The one that follows was first posted in Fudgery.net.

Random Hit Location Generator
(d6 Version)

This method allows for a level of detail that can be extended or retracted from game to game, battle to battle, or even from one individual attack to the next. Upon each roll of a single die, one has the option to stop or roll again for greater detail (up to a point). The presence of an asterisk (*) indicates that one may roll on the next appropriate table if one wishes. One starts by rolling 1d6.

Initial Roll (1d6)
1-3 Limb*
4-6 Torso or Head*

Torso or Head (1d6)
1-5 Torso*
6 Head*

Torso (1d6)
1-3 Lower*
4-6 Upper*

Lower Torso (1d6)
1-3 Left
4-6 Right

Upper Torso (1d6)
1-3 Left
4-6 Right

Head (1d6)
1-2 Neck
3-4 Jaw
5-6 Skull*

Skull (1d6)
1-3 General
4-6 Specific*

Skull Specific (1d6)
1 Left Eye
2 Left Ear
3 Nose
4 Mouth
5 Right Eye
6 Right Ear

Limb (1d6)
1-3 Leg*
4-6 Arm*

Leg (1d6)
1-3 Left*
4-6 Right*

Part of Leg (1d6)
1-3 Lower*
4-6 Upper*

Lower Leg (1d6)
1-2 Foot*
3-4 Ankle
5-6 Calf/Shin

Upper Leg (1d6)
1-2 Knee
3-4 Thigh
5-6 Hip

Foot (1d6)
1-3 Foot
4-6 Toe*

Toe (1d6)
1 Hallux (Big Toe)
2 Second Toe
3 Third Toe
4 Fourth Toe
5 Fifth Toe
6 Miss!

Arm (1d6)
1-3 Left*
4-6 Right*

Part of Arm (1d6)
1-3 Lower*
4-6 Upper*

Lower Arm (1d6)
1-2 Hand*
3-4 Wrist
5-6 Forearm

Upper Arm (1d6)
1-2 Elbow
3-4 Upper Arm
5-6 Shoulder

Hand (1d6)
1-3 Hand
4-6 Digit*

Digit (1d6)
1 Thumb
2 Index Finger
3 Middle Finger
4 Ring Finger
5 Little Finger
6 Miss!

[Edit: I flipped the results on the "initial roll" to maintain the consistency of higher numbers representing higher hit locations on the target.]

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