25 January 2014

Dungeons & Dragons to Celebrate 40th Anniversary

Jon Peterson announced in Playing at the World that he will be celebrating the 40th anniversary of the publication of Dungeons & Dragons on "Sunday, January 26th, 2014" [boldface his], and makes his argument for the date in When Dungeons & Dragons Turns 40. It's persuasive, and I'll be free on that day, so I'll raise a toast: To the First Role-Playing Game and those who made it possible. To Dungeons & Dragons!

19 January 2014

Barrowmaze Complete Now on Indiegogo

The fundraising campaign for Barrowmaze Complete (& Official Miniatures by Otherworld) is now in progress. It's a wee bit too rich for my blood (alas), but I wish Mr. Gillespie great success with this project. Barrowmaze and its sequel are excellent products, and Barrowmaze Complete will be even better. He has even enlisted Erol Otus for the cover illustration! It will be grand.

07 January 2014

One Page Dungeon Contest Gets New Site

As Brendan mentioned here in Necropraxis, the One Page Dungeon Contest has a new Web site. Read about the 2014 contest and submit your entry by the 30th of April!

(The site recommends the use of #1pdc when discussing the topic on various social media, so please keep it mind.)

06 January 2014

Welcome to 2014

This will be a good year for role-playing from my vantage. I may be GMing for up to three four different groups of gamers this year, which is truly an embarrassment of riches. From there it will be a short jump back to convention gaming, which means a return to Origins and possibly another convention or two. There were 58 posts in Applied Phantasticality in 2012 and 104 in 2013. I believe there will be at least twice as many in 2014 with my return to active role-playing.

The focus here remains on Old School Renaissance role-playing games in general with an emphasis on Basic/Expert Dungeons & Dragons and Labyrinth Lord. My considerable interest in Fudge finds its outlet in Fudgerylog and Fudgery.net (although the former might find a new home if I cannot find a solution to the comment spam problem).

I had a setback in my plans to publish more 3x5 geomorphs (I misplaced or lost many of them recently), but I plan to draw more and share them here soon.

Peace, prosperity, and good health be with you all. And game on!