24 January 2013

Magical Spell: Bubble of Visual Memory

Similar to the spell clairvoyance, the following spell enables the caster to see a distant place, but isolated to a specific time. It is a thaumaturgical camera, if you will.

Bubble of Visual Memory

Spell Class: Magic-user
Spell Level: 4
Range: Special
Duration: Permanent

When a bubble of visual memory is cast, a transparent sphere 1 cubit* in diameter is created. This sphere is invulnerable to any blunt force, but the merest pinprick or contact with an edged weapon will cause it to burst. Casting dispel magic upon one will cause it to revert to a normal bubble. The caster or any magic-user may reduce its size to that of a pearl or restore it to its normal size at will, but must touch it in order to effect such change. Wherever a bubble is cast, it will capture the visual impression of its surroundings in all directions from its vantage point. Thenceforth, the bubble may be consulted anywhere, and anyone who gazes at it may see what was visible from the bubble's point of view at the exact moment the spell was cast. The orientation remains the same, so gazing at the bubble northwards, for instance, will provide a view of the bubble's visual memory of north at the time it was cast. Likewise, gazing at it from below will provide a view of its visual memory of above, and so on. The distance that can be seen extends as far as the horizon, but anything obstructed from the bubble's original vantage point (e.g. an object behind a boulder or a geographical feature behind a mountain ridge) will remain unseen. This spell does not confer or limit any visual capability on the part of the gazer. A nearsighted gazer will still be nearsighted with regard to perceiving the view of the bubble's visual memory, but so, too, will a gazer with the eyesight of a hawk or the ability to detect invisibility retain those abilities. Similarly, the light conditions at the time it was cast may affect the gazer's capacity to see (e.g. if it was cast at night and the gazer has normal human vision).

* 18 inches or 0.5 m.

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