01 March 2013

Magical Spell: Miniaturize

Magic-users are crafty when it comes to making their lives easier. A case in point is the spell miniaturize. It has many uses, but it was originally researched to enable magic-users to make their libraries more portable. Casting this spell will reduce a book the size of the Dungeon Masters Guide to about 4x3 inches (10x8 cm). An entire bookcase with 24 volumes of the Encyclopaedia Britannica measuring approximately 28x24x12 inches (71x61x30.5 cm) could be miniaturized to 9x8x4 inches (23x20x10 cm), which is about the size of a single hardcover dictionary. A miniaturized book will often remain perfectly readable (as owners of the miniature AD&D rulebooks published by Twenty First Century Games will attest), so a magic-user with good eyesight or a magnifier need not restore a book to normal size to use it whilst adventuring. Spellcasters have found other ingenious uses for this spell, but reduction of book mass remains its most common application.


Spell Class: Magic-user
Spell Level: 4
Range: 0
Duration: permanent

This spell will reduce the size of an object or collection of objects to 1:3 scale. The initial area affected may not be larger than 1 cubic foot (30.5 cubic cm) per level of the caster. Only inanimate objects can be affected by this spell. Each casting of miniaturize on the same object will reduce its size by a factor of three, i.e. the second casting will reduce it to 1:6 scale, a third to 1:9, a fourth to 1:12, etc. The magic-user must use a dispel magic spell to restore a miniaturized object to its normal size.

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