20 March 2013

Table: Reasons to Adventure

For those who want an instant background alternative to the Random Background Generator, I give you:

Reasons to Adventure

Roll 1d30

  1. Afraid of stagnation more than death, you have discarded the predictable life of an official in exchange for the thrill of adventure.
  2. Anointed as a future leader, you must first venture forth and bring back proof of your worthiness before you may take your rightful place in society.
  3. Assuming a false identity to protect your noble name, you seek something that rightfully belongs to you and your family.
  4. Bored with a life of luxury, you seek danger and excitement at any cost.
  5. Collecting artifacts and solving the puzzles that stand between you and them is your hobby. Death traps and monstrous guardians merely add interest.
  6. Disowned by your wealthy family, you are determined to find success without their aid.
  7. You are the 7th child of a 7th child, destined to go down in folklore.
  8. Driven from your village due to an unwise dalliance, you seek a distraction from the object of your affection.
  9. Encouraged strongly by everyone in your village, you have left it to seek your fortune despite some misgivings.
  10. Embarrassed by your humble upbringing, you seek the wealth and status you affect.
  11. Expelled from a prestigious university, you cannot go back to your family without first finding glory or at least a way to be re-admitted.
  12. Family tradition obligates you to have at least one adventure that can be added to the family saga.
  13. Fascinated by the fantastic tales of travellers, you want to discover such wonders for yourself and more.
  14. A gambling debt leads you to gamble with the unknown rather than face a very well known fate at the hands of pitiless creditors.
  15. Haunted by a crime you witnessed and for which you may have been blamed, you find freedom in the rootless life of an adventurer.
  16. Hunting is in your blood and you seek ever greater challenges, which inevitably leads you to keep the company of moneygrubbing treasure-seekers.
  17. Inspired by the accomplishments of a legendary hero, you aspire to equal or surpass your hero.
  18. Inspired by the words of a mystic, you are possessed with a zeal to bring truth to the uncivilized corners of the world.
  19. Leaving behind the comforts of home and plunging into danger is a necessary rite of passage in your community.
  20. A life debt compels you to accompany the one you owe even into the bowels of the earth or anywhere else the fool decides to roam.
  21. Mistaken for an evil sorcerer or monster, you scorn civilization and pursue power wherever it may be found.
  22. Motivated by a life of hardship, you desperately seek to improve your lot in life.
  23. On the losing side of a bloodfeud, you were banished from your ancestral homeland.
  24. Pursued by local authorities, going where no sane person would follow for a chance to get rich seems like a sensible plan.
  25. Roving merrily across the countryside is the best sort of life, and if fate should intervene by proposing adventure, so much the better, you say.
  26. Thirst for knowledge, unquenched by books and tutors, has led you to slake it in forgotten tombs and ruins.
  27. Turning your back on a decadent society and seeking your fortune in the cruel wilderness makes you feel alive.
  28. Unable to face your family's terrible curse, you have left the castle for the anonymous life of a lowly adventurer.
  29. Uncertain doom in a cavern is preferable to certain misery in a forced marriage as far as you are concerned.
  30. Wanted by a criminal organization for certain indiscretions, you hope to relocate your activities beyond its sphere of influence.

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