04 March 2013

Basically Why Basic

I thought I would outline my reasons why I have returned to Basic/Expert Dungeons & Dragons instead of continuing with 1st edition Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, so I decided to list what aspects I prefer of each in purely practical terms. As far as their artistic merits are concerned (writing style, ability to inspire, illustrations), I enjoy both and will continue to draw on both. The purpose of this exercise is to evaluate how the rules are used at the game table. For now, I'll just share the list, but in the future I'll address each aspect in turn. [See Specifically Why Basic.]

Basic/Expert D&D
  1. Favorable and simpler spellcasting
  2. Favorable and simpler spell memorization
  3. Favorable ranged weapon modifiers
  4. Simpler alignment system
  5. Simpler spell descriptions
  6. Simpler weapon damage (no S, M, L divisions)
  7. Simpler weapon list
  8. Streamlined classes
  9. Superior organization of rules
  10. Absence of weapon proficiency rules [added 23 March 2013]
  1. Favorable hit dice for PCs
  2. Favorable spell acquisition for clerics (spell at 1st level)
  3. Negative hit points (no automatic death at 0 hit points)

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