12 March 2013

I Will Maintain

For over two months I was able to post daily to Applied Phantasticality, but the exigencies of survival on the Prime Material Plane caught up with me at last. Since that previously unannounced resolution has been defeated, I have decided to implement a new one. I hereby resolve that I will post no less than 24 articles to this Web log per month. This is made all the more difficult since I shall soon be resolving to resume regular posting on my Fudge-centric Web log, too.

I have also taken the plunge into Google+, albeit in the manner of a thrashing non-swimmer. As you can see, I have added the Google+ widget that enables you to add me to your circles if you are so inclined. I guess I'd encourage all of my OSR-blogging comrades to add such a widget to enable all of us to communicate more easily, but I would do so with the following request: Please do not neglect your Web log (Blogger-hosted or otherwise) in favor of your participation in Google+. The Web logs are a vital resource to the OSR community and the gaming community at large. They offer ease of use, ease of reference, and are the gateway for many gamers who are re-discovering the lore of the ancients or are encountering it for the first time. Not everyone is able or willing to participate in Google+, so please don't wall them out. The Web log is a powerful medium. Take advantage of it.

Game on!

* Trans. of title: Je maintiendrai.


  1. Daily blogging is hard work ... I know from my own hubris of running a 'post-a-day- blog! Don't be discouraged though ... one must look after the real world first : o )