09 March 2013

The Joy of Hit Point Recovery

This is just an idle thought that perhaps bears further development. I am one of those referees who dislikes having an adventure derailed by the constant necessity of watching player characters spend inordinate amounts of time resting to regain lost hit points, but I also don't believe in giving them access to large quantities of inexpensive healing potions (unless they carry the risk of side effects). As an alternative, what about a rule that states whenever a player character eats a well-cooked meal made with fresh ingredients, he or she automatically regains 1 hit point in addition to whatever other rules are being used regarding hit point recovery? This would ordinarily occur in a safe environment such as a house, village, city, manor, or castle rather than the dungeon or out in the untamed wilderness. It would take place in the party's "off time" that they spend in resting, buying supplies, gathering information, and carousing. It also encourages them to spend money and teaches them to appreciate the worth of good cooking. Good food is a comfort one should long for when one is stumbling about in damp caves with sputtering torches and eating cold, flavorless "rations."

This doesn't mean a player gets 1 hit point healed for every meal eaten at a table. The food must be prepared by a good cook with fresh ingredients in an environment conducive to comfortable dining. In other words, not your usual tavern fare. Look to holiday feasts, royal banquets, guild suppers, expensive inns, or even the homes of hospitable farmers. Each such meal will restore 1 hit point automatically, although the question of remuneration must be negotiated on an individual basis.

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