23 March 2013

Random Background Generator Example 2

Because it was fun the first time and because I need to meet my goal of posting 24 articles per month, I rolled another character to test the Random Background Generator. Once again, I rolled straight 3d6 in order for attributes and came up with:

Strength: 12
Intelligence: 13
Wisdom: 12
Dexterity: 14
Constitution: 12
Charisma: 15

None of the classes in Basic/Expert D&D have charisma has a prime requisite, so the next highest attribute, dexterity, makes the character a thief for the purpose of this example. His name will be... Bastrado. He's a bit of a bastard. (Not really.)

Rolling All Dice, my results were d4: 3; d6: 5; d8: 5; d10: 5; d12: 12; d20: 8.

The d4: Family Reputation

With a roll of 3, Bastrado's family is "Respected." Their surname will be... Astradi (like the stars... sort of).

The d6: Personal Relationship

With a roll of 5, Bastrado, despite his name, is "Beloved." A lovechild, if you will.

The d8: Number of Siblings

With a roll of 5, Bastrado has five siblings. Since there are six offsping, we can roll 1d6 to determine Bastrado's birth order. Another roll of 5 makes him the fifth brat out of six. Any means can be used to determine the sex. I'll roll 5d6 in order. Evens will be one and odds will be the other. The resulting order is: brother, brother, sister, brother, Bastrado, brother.

The d10: Extended Family in Household

With a roll of 5, a paternal grandmother is in the household to help herd the rambunctious children. Granny Astradi!

The d12: Family Occupation

With a roll of 12, the Astradi clan is a clan of woodsmen. They live in the woods and they do woods-related things. If it's a royal wood, perhaps they are gamekeepers. If not, perhaps they are loggers or hunters or trappers. I'll make them gamekeepers.

The d20: Motivation for Adventuring

With a roll of 8, Bastrado Astradi is a fugitive. Why? Because he poached a prize stag belonging to the king, of course, in clear violation of the law the Astradi family is sworn to enforce. The incorrigable Bastrado, in an effort to save his family from punishment, surrendered to the sherriff under a fictitious name, but subsequently escaped with the help of certain criminal elements. Now inextricably involved with the Thieves' Guild, Bastrado has charted a new course for his life quite unlike the one he knew with his family.


Growing up as the beloved (if mischievous) next-to-youngest child in a respected family of woodsmen (who are royal gamekeepers) with the additional supervision of Granny Astradi, Bastrado Astradi committed the crime of poaching. To spare his family, he surrendered under an assumed name. With the help of the Thieves' Guild, he escaped custody and is now at large, practicing his new profession.

These things write themselves!

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