26 February 2013

Table: Transcendental Teas

Would you like a nice cuppa? Teas are well known for their healthful qualities, but not all teas are equal. Some are blended from rare and arcane ingredients by those with a knowledge that transcends the bonds of material existence and awareness. These are the transcendental teas that expand the mind and free the spirit (or in some cases cloud the mind and enslave the spirit).

To randomly generate a transcendental tea, roll once on the table below and give the tea a unique name. The tea, if properly selected, blended, and brewed, will faithfully reproduce the same transcendental effect once per day to any who drink it.

Transcendental Teas

Roll 1d20

  1. Acts as the spell astral spell.
  2. Acts as the spell augury.
  3. Acts as the spell commune.
  4. Acts as the spell commune with nature.
  5. Acts as the spell divination.
  6. Acts as the spell feign death.
  7. Acts as the spell neutralize poison.
  8. Acts as the spell remove fear.
  9. Acts as the spell sanctuary.
  10. Acts as the spell speak with animals.
  11. Acts as the spell speak with plants.
  12. Acts as the spell true sight.
  13. Imbues the drinker with constant wakefulness for 2 days and 1 night.
  14. Increases the drinker's intelligence by 1 point for 24 hours.
  15. Increases the drinker's wisdom by 1 point for 24 hours.
  16. Induces a nap lasting 20 minutes (equivalent to 8 hours of sleep).
  17. Induces a restful sleep lasting 8 hours.
  18. Subjects the drinker to charm person from the first person noticed.
  19. Subjects the drinker to hypnosis from the first person seen.
  20. Subjects the drinker to suggestion from the first voice heard.
N.B. Unless the level of the spellcaster who blended the tea is known, any spell-like effects function at the minimum level required to cast the spell +1d4-1.

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