12 February 2013

Generic 3x5 Geomorphs 1-4

Inspired (and reminded) by FrDave's posts in Blood of Prokopius on the subject of 3x5 geomorphs, I decided to accept his challenge and make some 3x5 geomorphs of my own.

The following geomorphs answer FrDave's call for generic 3x5 maps that can potentially be used in combination with geomorphs designed by others. These lack names or identifiers in order to maximize their flexibility. FrDave's most recent call has been for 3x5 maps that do have landmarks and titles, so I shall attempt to answer that call in the next few days.

Due to the fact that I drew these with a Sharpie on index cards that are a little too porous for permanent markers — and also due to the fact that I used neither graph paper nor drafting tools — these maps are a bit rough. They may not be the most attractive maps I ever made, but I think their roughness lends them a bit of charm, almost as if they had been drawn by actual delvers. Maybe I should take it further and use a crowquill pen or even a fountain pen...

[See also Generic 3x5 Geomorphs 5-8 and Specific 3x5 Geomorphs 1-4.]


  1. These are great. I've begun to create a list of links with 3x5 geomorphs, and yours (of course) are included. Let me know when you've made some more.

    One piece of constructive criticism: don't be afraid to ignore the "grid." Drawing the various tunnels, etc. at odd angles actually makes the 3x5 geomorph both more visually interesting and inspiring.

    1. Thank you for the advice. I agree. Your post with the map of the Catacombs of Rome illustrates your point very well. Some of the 3x5 geomorphs I am drawing now are increasingly oblivious to the grid.