08 February 2013

Magic Item: Stone of Obsession

Resist the temptation to peek...

Stone of Obsession

A stone of obsession may not have any outwardly identifiable quality to distinguish it from any other stone either magical or mundane, but anyone who sees or touches it must make a saving throw vs. magic or become obsessed with it. Once perceived, the stone must be seen or in physical contact with the victim at all times or the victim will be unable to think about or do anything else except plot ways to reacquire it. Each day of separation will cause the victim's obsession to grow in intensity. Extended separation will cause the victim's health to suffer in the form of the loss of one point of constitution per week. Unless the stone is reacquired or the victim is the beneficiary of a casting of remove curse, the victim's constitution will decline until it reaches zero (and death). Contact with the stone or removal of the curse will instantly restore any loss of constitution.

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