20 February 2013

LEGO Oubliettes

Peter Regan of Oubliette Magazine has posted an article about Lego Dungeon Geomorphs. They may not be as affordable as geomorphs made with 3x5 index cards, but if you happen to have some spare LEGOs (or LEGO Heroica sets), they lend themselves well to dungeon-building.

I have been tempted for years to build some dungeons on the LEGO Minifigure scale for role-playing and war game use, but the cost of LEGOs and the inability to purchase specific Minifigures of my choice (instead of the mystery Minifigures) have precluded such activities until I win the lottery.

(Incidentally, what is the plural of LEGO? Is it LEGOs or LEGOes? Or LEGI? Or LEGAE?)


  1. I think the LEGO fans mostly say LEGOs. The Minifigures are great fun, but a bit too big for me to make dungeons for. The Microfigures I've used are perfect but the range is a bit limited. I'm hoping to post a new geomorph every week.

    1. A few years ago (maybe a decade), I was looking at a lot of sites that were posting war game rules for use with LEGOs and LEGO Minifigures. I think Steve Jackson's LEGO pirate game rules started me on that. At any rate, I found a site where someone was posting photographs of a science fiction RPG campaign in which they were using Minifigures (in place of miniatures) and LEGO dioramas of spaceships and space stations. I've wanted to do something like that ever since, but the cost is prohibitive.

      Weekly geomorphs are a great idea. I've been considering doing that with 3x5 geomorphs.