10 February 2013

Dungeon Artifact

The third work of art to be displayed on this Web log is the cover illustration (by Jim Roslof) of the Dungeon! board game. It isn't the first edition of the game to be published, but it was the first edition I ever played, and it remains my favorite. I remember finding it at a downtown newsstand called Morey's that sold newspapers, magazines, greeting cards, candy, tobacco, pipes, and board games. My parents bought it for me, and although I enjoyed it immensely, it was not long before I was devising house rules and adding new monsters and spells. The more I tinkered with it, the more I realized I really just wanted to play Dungeons & Dragons. I can't quite recall exactly when I first played Dungeon! in the timeline of my gaming experience, but it was certainly one of my earliest experiences with a TSR product. I know it's probably too much to hope for, but in the midst of all the TSR reprints, it would be nice if Wizards of the Coast would produce a commemorative facsimile of this edition of Dungeon! (with the exact same art, of course).

1 comment:

  1. Agreed! I was disappointed that the new 'Dungeon' game uses different art etc. Shame.