02 February 2013

Magic Item: Stone of Intolerability

Not all magic stones are reliable or beneficial. Take this one, for example:

Stone of Intolerability

A stone of intolerability, if touched, will activate immediately and remain in its current mode until its possessor can be freed of it (typically by being the recipient of a casting of remove curse). The mode is determined randomly each time it is activated.

Modes of Intolerability

Roll 1d4

  1. High winds. Possessor is constantly subjected to strong winds that affect no one else. Many normal activities (e.g. starting a fire or keeping a neat appearance) are rendered impossible.
  2. Flooding. Possessor is constantly sopping wet, dripping everywhere, and unable to keep anything dry that isn't in a sealed, waterproof container.
  3. Unbearable cold. In an attempt to combat the frigidity, the possessor will resort to frequent jumping, will try to wear as many layers of clothing as possible, and may attempt to start fires with anything handy.
  4. Unbearable heat. In an attempt to combat the sweltering rise in temperature, the possessor will resort to discarding all armor and most clothing, and will be preoccupied with finding ways to cool off such as swimming or being fanned.
Like other magic stones, a stone of intolerability has no standard size, shape, or coloration.

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