06 March 2023

Fashionably Late to the Megadungeon Party

I've given it some thought, and today I finally feel inspired enough to participate in the room-a-day megadungeon challenge. Yes, it means I am two months and a week behind schedule, but I'd rather be inspired and have a late start than uninspired and on time.

I prefer to have a strategy with any undertaking, and my strategy will be this:

  • I'll start with a concept: the dungeon of Castle Greyauk.
  • It will be a funhouse dungeon, a fungeon.
  • At first, I will map it with early published random dungeon generators e.g., 1e AD&D Dungeon Masters Guide (Appendix A, pp. 169-173).
  • I'll stock it partly randomly, partly not-randomly.
  • Gradually, I'll replace the use of the published random dungeon generators with one of my own for comparison.
  • Throughout, I will plant the seeds of the main theme and underlying Secret Themes.
  • It will be system neutral, but I might include stats for several different RPGs (Thieves' World-style).
  • Later, I just might publish it.

A plan so crazy, it just might work...