02 April 2024

Table: What Is This Market Stall Selling?

The adventurers are browsing in the market and they want to know, "What is this stall selling?" Roll to find out! This is the second table of the What Is This Table? Table.

What Is This Market Stall Selling?

Roll 1d30

1. apples, peaches, and pears
2. amulets and talismans
3. belts, garters, and scabbards
4. cabbages
5. candles and lamp oil
6. citrus fruits
7. fabric
8. fancy codpieces
9. flagons and tankards
10. flowers
11. friendship bracelets
12. greens
13. hats, non-hats. helmets, and wizard hats
14. herbs
15. costume jewelry
16. knives and knife-sharpening
17. magical trinkets and other discount magic
18. "medicines"
19. perfumes
20. pies and bread
21. pottery
22. practical jokes and harmless gags
23. sandals and slippers
24. soaps
25. soups
26. souvenirs
27. sweets
28. robes
29. turnips
30. woodcarvings

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