27 April 2022

Table: High Impact Reactions

Are you weary of the same old reaction table churning out the same old reactions regardless of extenuating circumstances? Would you like to break up the monotony of casual adventuring with a bit of bloodshed? Then perhaps you need High Impact Reactions. Whenever your adventurers encounter a monster or nonmonster with an inclination for violence, roll on the High Impact Reactions table for an action-packed role-playing experience. Enjoy!

High Impact Reactions

Roll 2d6

The being's reaction is...

2Berserk. Attacks anything and everything.
3-5Furious. Attacks with unbridled ferocity.
6-8Ambivalent. Alternately attacks and apologizes.
9-11Excited. Wants to go killing and/or carousing with you.
12Bonded. Wants to make a blood oath alliance.

[The above is a table of the Table of the Quasi-Answerable.]

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