18 April 2021

Table: Staves of Juxtaposed Potency (Expanding Unknown Table)

"And so it was that the Staves of Juxtaposed Potency were compared unfavorably to their counterparts..." (From The Guide of the Masters of Dungeons.) This is the fifth table of the Expanding Unknown Table.

Staves of Juxtaposed Potency

Roll 1d6

1. Staff of Curing Meats: Instantly cures any meat.
2. Staff of Demand: Enables the wielder to issue demands understandable in any language or form of communication.
3. Staff of Powder: Emit a cone of powder of a type specified by the wielder, e.g. baking, itching, sneezing, talcum, etc.
4. Staff of the Lungfish: Transforms into a lungfish or summons 5d20 lungfish.
5. Staff of the Mage Pie: Conjures award-winning pies.
6. Staff of Striking Poses: Enables the wielder to strike a pose, thereby stunning all witnesses with amazement.
7. Staff of Withering Remarks: Enables the wielder to deliver scathing comments that demoralize the recipient.

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