01 April 2021

Expanding Unknown Table

This is the time-defying Expanding Unknown Table, posted on the first of April from the future world of the 20th of April, so that readers of the present may watch it unfold before their very eyes, and readers of the future can use it as a convenient reference. How long will it be? Only time will tell. [Edit: Time says 1d12.]

Expanding Unknown Table

Roll 1d12

1. Roll on the Magical Wearables Table!
2. Roll on the Wandering Spinsters Table!
3. Roll on the Rings of Adjacent Power Table!
4. Roll on the Rods of Approximal Impressiveness Table!
5. Roll on the Staves of Juxtaposed Potency Table!
6. Roll on the Wands of Comparative Wondrousness Table!
7. Roll on the Bazaar Encounters Table!
8. Roll on the Phantastical Cures Table!
9. Roll on the Character Middle Grounds Table!
10. Roll on the Words of Rejection Table!
11. Roll on the Tavern Encounters Table!
12. Roll on the Scrolls of Profound Déjà Vu Table!

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