17 April 2021

Table: Rods of Approximal Impressiveness (Expanding Unknown Table)

These are the noble Rods of Approximal Impressiveness, noted for the likeness they bear to certain other rods, which shall remain nameless. This is the fourth table of the Expanding Unknown Table.

Rods of Approximal Impressiveness

Roll 1d6

1. Rod of Be-Gilling: Enables the wielder to bestow gills and the ability to breathe underwater to any recipient.
2. Rod of Gourdly Might: Renders any gourd indestructible or gigantic. Enchanting the same gourd twice causes the staff to explode.
3. Rod of Lordly Blight: Ruins the crops of any aristocrat.
4. Rod of Resuscitation: Restores life to someone who has been apparently dead or near death for no longer than 12 minutes. Can be used once per week.
5. Rod of Ruler Sip: Enables the wielder to identify any liquid by taste with no risk of ill effects.
6. Rod of Smiling: Enables the wielder to force anyone in the presence of the rod to smile.

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