19 February 2014

Inclement Weather Rules for Gaming Conventions Sought

Once again, I missed BASHCon, and it begs the question: Why are gaming conventions being held in northern states in the winter? Would it not be more convenient for everyone (not to mention more successful) if northern conventions were held in the spring and summer and southern conventions were held in the fall and winter? (Granted, this may not have been the best winter to hold a convention in the South, much less the North.) Why invite Mother Nature's wrath? Foul weather can be the perfect excuse to stay indoors and game, but it also dissuades people from travelling to far-flung or even nearby conventions.

My reason for missing BASHCon is quite another matter (I forgot the date, and "social media" neglected to remind me), but it strikes me as madness that we are holding conventions in Ohio in February. That being said, I hope it was successful, I wish it success next year, and perhaps someday I'll remember to register for it.

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