21 February 2014

Table: Inclement Weather Alert

You may have weather rules for the conditions of your game world, but do you have weather rules for gaming conventions in the real world? If not, here is the solution. Whenever you attend a gaming convention, roll on the following table. The result is the weather you and your fellow attendees will endure. Results that are inappropriate to the convention's location and/or season may be rerolled or a suitable disaster may be substituted (e.g. avalanche, earthquake, flood, volcanic eruption, wildfire, zombie outbreak, etc.).

Inclement Weather Alert

Roll 1d20

  1. blizzard
  2. dust storm (or sandstorm)
  3. fog
  4. hailstorm
  5. hot hail
  6. hurricane
  7. ice storm
  8. overcast and dreary
  9. rain of colorless fire
  10. severe cold
  11. severe heat
  12. showers of frogs
  13. showers of stones
  14. smog (or Smaug)
  15. snowstorm
  16. thunderstorm
  17. tornado
  18. torrential rain
  19. tsunami
  20. windstorm

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