24 February 2014

Random Background Generator for Elves: Roll All Dice

The Random Background Generator can be used for any human or humanlike character, but this variant has been adapted specifically for use with elves.

Random Background Generator for Elves
(Roll All Dice)

Family Reputation

Roll 1d4

1. Tolerated
2. Accepted
3. Respected
4. Admired

Personal Relationship

Roll 1d6

1. Shunned
2. Misunderstood
3. Discouraged
4. Encouraged
5. Beloved
6. Favored

Number of Siblings

Roll 1d8

1. One
2. One
3. One
4. Two
5. Two
6. Three
7. None
8. None

Extended Family in Household

Roll 1d10

1. Cousin
2. Maternal grandfather
3. Maternal grandmother
4. Paternal grandfather
5. Paternal grandmother
6. Maternal aunt
7. Maternal uncle
8. Paternal aunt
9. Paternal uncle
10. Roll twice or choose none

Family Occupation

Roll 1d12

1. Artisans
2. Artisans
3. Craftsmen
4. Craftsmen
5. Musicians
6. Nobility
7. Poets
8. Poets
9. Scholars
10. Scholars
11. Soldiers
12. Tradesmen

Motivation for Adventuring

Roll 1d20

1. Addiction to danger
2. Chosen
3. Conquering fear
4. Curiosity
5. Debt
6. Fame
7. Fortune
8. Fugitive
9. Hobby
10. Investigation
11. Last option
12. Lost
13. Mistaken identity
14. Refugee
15. Rejection (of or by: family, village, civilization, etc.)
16. Revenge
17. Rite
18. Secret mission
19. Spiritual quest
20. Wandering


  • "Family Reputation" refers to how others view the player character's family.
  • "Personal Relationship" refers to how the player character is viewed by his or her family.
  • "Number of siblings" does not mention whether they are brothers or sisters. This can be chosen by the player or determined randomly.
  • "Extended Family in Household" refers only to those members living with the player character's parents. The player must decide whether the character also lives with the parents.
  • "Family Occupation" refers to the family's traditional profession. Not all members will necessarily belong to the same profession. (All elves are considered to be skilled at living in harmony with their environment, which would include, amongst other things, a vast knowledge of flora and fauna.)
  • "Motivation for Adventuring" may be primary or secondary. Roll more than once on this table if desired.

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