03 April 2012

Druidic Spell: Induced Reincarnation

The following variant of the druidic spell reincarnation is based on my magic-user variant I call induced reincarnation (q.v.) to separate it from the metaphysical concept of reincarnation that would be in the hands of the gods (or Nature) rather than mortals. This version offers two tables: one for d30 and one for d%.

Induced Reincarnation

Spell Class: Druid
Spell Level: 7
Range: 0
Duration: permanent

This spell restores life to a dead being by transforming its remains into a new, healthy, youthful body. This new incarnation will be different in appearance and may even be of a different species. Once induced reincarnation is cast, a roll should be made on the Induced Reincarnation Table. The new incarnation will retain the Intelligence and memories of the previous incarnation’s life, as well as those skills not rendered unusable by the new form. Other characteristics may remain the same or may be rolled again or rearranged to better suit the new incarnation. If the new incarnation is a character class, the incarnation’s level will be the same, but the hit dice may need to be rerolled if the new incarnation uses a different type of die. If the new incarnation is a humanoid monster, the monster will be treated as a character class of the same level as the previous incarnation. If the new incarnation is an animal or a non-humanoid monster, it will be treated as the same character class and level for which it makes saving throws, but rolling 1d8 for hit dice, and using the Monster Attacks chart for to hit rolls. If its hit dice are greater than the previous incarnation’s level, its hit dice (and saving throw level) should be reduced to match the previous level. Druids may cast this spell on themselves if death is near, up to 1 turn per level in advance of their expiration. Druids who cast self-induced reincarnation will return as druids even if their new form does not normally permit such a class. If a druid returns as an animal, the animal will be capable of speech.

There are two Induced Reincarnation Tables. One requires a roll on 1d30; the other requires a percentile roll. The selection of incarnations is identical, but the odds of rolling Elf, Human, or Original Class are slightly higher in the latter table.

N.B. If classes are being treated as separate from races, then the player may choose the class if the previous incarnation's class is not available with the new incarnation. (Druids, however, always return as druids whatever the form.)

Induced Reincarnation Table

Roll 1d30

1. Badger
2. Bear, Black
3. Bear, Brown
4. Centaur
5. Dwarf
6. Eagle
7. Elf
8. Elf
9. Fox
10. Gnome
11. Halfling
12. Hare
13. Hawk
14. Human*
15. Human*
16. Lion
17. Lynx
18. Mouse
19. Owl
20. Pixie
21. Rabbit
22. Raven
23. Sprite
24. Squirrel
25. Wildcat
26. Wolf
27. Wolverine
28. Original Class
29. Original Class
30. Roll on the magic-user induced reincarnation table.

* The player may choose a class.

Induced Reincarnation Table

Roll 1d100

01-03 Badger
04-06 Bear, Black
07-09 Bear, Brown
10-12 Centaur
13-15 Dwarf
16-18 Eagle
19-29 Elf
30-32 Fox
33-35 Gnome
36-38 Halfling
39-41 Hare
42-44 Hawk
45-55 Human*
56-58 Lion
59-61 Lynx
62-64 Mouse
65-67 Owl
68-70 Pixie
71-73 Rabbit
74-76 Raven
77-79 Sprite
80-82 Squirrel
83-85 Wildcat
86-88 Wolf
89-91 Wolverine
92-99 Original Class
100 Roll on the magic-user induced reincarnation table.

* The player may choose a class.

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