12 April 2012

D&D Dream Edition

A hardcover edition of Dungeons & Dragons that incorporates all the rules from the Basic Set of Mr. Moldvay and the Expert Set of Messrs. Cook and Marsh (integrating the spell lists and monsters and such), with Erol Otus' cover illustration of the Basic Set as the front cover and his illustration of the Expert Set as the back cover — that's my dream edition of D&D.

[Edit: Oh, and it would include simplified versions of all the AD&D 1st Edition spells, including those from Unearthed Arcana and Greyhawk Adventures.]


  1. Strongly agree. I would greatly overpay for such a tome (though I don't require any of the AD&D spells be included).

    1. I'd gladly overpay, too, with or without the extra spells.