14 April 2020

Table: Useful Contacts (Table of Many Tables)

Sometimes you need to know the right people. Have you met the Table of Many Tables?

Useful Contacts

Roll 1d12

1. Ploom the Advocate, Scholar and Practitioner of Law (and one whose services may be invaluable to "adventurers").
2. Trake Son of Trake Son of Trake, Royal Armorsmith (has a long pedigree).
3. Ghghghoff the Beggar (sees more than most).
4. Yesh the Tavernkeeper (hears everything).
5. Fleete the Messenger (knows where to find people).
6. Leot the Herald (historian and genealogist).
7. Ibb the Poisoner (knows poisons and venoms).
8. Nonc the Trader (is usually hiring).
9. Rastabol (can probably find a buyer for your goods).
10. Hayndred the Mapmaker (buys, sells, and even makes maps).
11. Sheef (is a friend of nearly every local pickpocket).
12. Kildig the Guard (is easily bribed).

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