13 April 2020

Table: Character Foregrounds (Table of Many Tables)

If you like a good background, you ought to see the foreground! (Table of Many Tables.)

Character Foregrounds

Roll 1d12

This character...

1. Wears spectacles without lenses.
2. Wears a towering hat.
3. Has an outrageously exaggerated limp.
4. Has mismatched footwear.
5. Speaks with an affected stammer.
6. Sings conversationally.
7. Always carries a chicken.
8. Always looks people in the neck.
9. Bears an unusually detailed (and prominently visible) birthmark.
10. Tends to faint.
11. Is wrapped in bandages from head to toe.
12. Is a reverse chameleon (maximum contrast to any surroundings).