04 April 2013

Table: Tables

Summoning the courage to post the recliner positions table earlier in the day caused me to reflect that there is a dire need for a tables table — yes, a table for tables. So, here is the table for randomly generating tables:


Roll 1d20

  1. banquet table
  2. bedside table
  3. card table
  4. chess table
  5. coffee table
  6. dinner table
  7. drawing table
  8. drop-leaf table
  9. end table
  10. gateleg table
  11. kitchen table
  12. loo table*
  13. picnic table
  14. poker table
  15. refectory table
  16. Round Table
  17. table tennis table
  18. trestle table
  19. TV tray
  20. work table
Folded late 18th century English loo table with Japanese motifs.


  1. A loo table? Such a funny name, but pretty!

    1. It's a shame it wasn't called a lanterloo table instead to avoid confusion. :-/