06 April 2013

Table: Enchanted Table, or, The Enchanted Table Table

Are you a wizard, alchemist, or wealthy eccentric? Is your library, laboratory, or den in need of that special touch? Do you need a flat surface raised to a convenient height on which to place objects? Look no further! At the Enchanted Furniture Emporium we have something to suit every esoteric need. Simply select the table that fulfills your requirements or use our handy Random Table Generator, then select from one or more of the options below or allow Fate to decide for you!

Enchanted Table

Roll 1d20

  1. Adjust-O-Legs (legs extend or retract on command).
  2. Ani-Leg Real Movement (animated legs capable of locomotion).
  3. Chromatic Variability (alters color on command).
  4. Decor Chameleon (alters appearance to match any decor).
  5. Emergency Shelter (protects any being who hides under it with a wall of force).
  6. Everfilling Inkwell (provides an endless supply of ink).
  7. Extra-planar capable (may be taken to any plane of existence including the Astral and Ethereal).
  8. E-Z Glide circumvolution (rotates on command).
  9. Festive Defense (surrounded by a prismatic sphere).
  10. Invis-O-Legs (appears to float in mid-air).
  11. No-Legs (levitates; does not rise or lower, but may be moved horizontally).
  12. Picture This! mental depicter (surface will display any image the user can imagine on command).
  13. Quiet Zone Silence Enforcer (surrounded by silence, 15' radius).
  14. See Here! scrying lens (inset crystal in surface functions as a crystal ball).
  15. Stay-Sure surface (will not release anything placed on it unless the magic word is thought or uttered).
  16. Teleportation capable (it and anything on it may teleport on command up to 3 times per day).
  17. Thaumaturgical insulation (surrounded by an anti-magic shell).
  18. Three-way illumination (dim, average, or bright light on command).
  19. Total Invisibility (undetectable by any optical means).
  20. Total Invisibility Plus (extends its invisibility to anything placed on its surface).
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