07 April 2013

Combat Sequence Revised

For my own Basic/Expert D&D, Labyrinth Lord, and Swords & Wizardry games, I've decided to use a combat sequence that borrows elements from Holmes Basic. I shall retain the standard rule of each side rolling 1d6 for initiative each round, with the winning side performing each part of the sequence in order followed by the losing side doing the same, but the sequence itself will resemble that found in Holmes Basic. It makes more sense to me and seems more exciting.

Combat Sequence

Pre-A. Any spellcaster intending to use magic must inform the referee before initiative is rolled.

A. Each side rolls 1d6 for initiative.

B. The side that wins initiative acts first. Sides that tie act simultaneously.

  1. Morale check if necessary.
  2. Magic spells (victims make saving throws as required).
  3. Missile fire:
    1. select targets
    2. roll "to hit"
    3. roll damage
  4. Mêlée combat
    1. select opponents
    2. roll "to hit"
    3. roll damage
  5. Movement (combatants in mêlée may only move defensively; spellcasters may not move and cast spells in the same round).

C. The side with the next highest initiative acts in the same order as above, and so on until all sides have acted.

D. The referee handles any surrenders, retreats, etc. as they occur.

(Basic/Expert D&D specifies "DM rolls damage," but I have always allowed and preferred players to roll any damage their characters cause.)

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