26 May 2014

Table: Suitable Hats for Adventurers

Inspired by the B/X Headgear tables from B/X Blackrazor, here is my version of a random headgear generator presented in four installments (because they do not fit neatly on one page, unlike their inspiration). Each player character may roll for one item (hat, non-hat, helmet, or wizard hat), which may be worn, stored, sold, traded, donated, or discarded as desired.

Suitable Hats for Adventurers

Roll 1d30

1. Animal Head (roll on Animal Heads table)
2. Bag Hat
3. Beret
4. Bicorne
5. Cavalier Hat
6. Dome Cap
7. Fez
8. Flat Cap
9. Floppy Hat
10. Fur Hat (roll on Fur Hats table)
11. Glengarry
12. Jester Cap
13. Hunting Hat
14. Muffin Hat
15. Nightcap
16. Phrygian Cap
17. Pillbox Hat
18. Pleated Hat
19. Puffy Hat
20. Ridged Hat
21. Scholar Cap
22. Skull Cap
23. Slouch Cap
24. Split Brim Hat
25. Sugarloaf Hat
26. Tam-'O-Shanter
27. Toque
28. Tricorne
29. Turban
30. Wide-Brimmed Hat, Stiff

Animal Heads

Roll 1d6

1. Bear Head
2. Bull Head
3. Lion Head
4. Ram Head
5. Tiger Head
6. Wolf Head

Fur Hats

Roll 1d6

1. Bear Fur Hat
2. Deerskin Cap
3. Leopard Fur Hat
4. Mink Fur Hat
5. Rabbit Fur Hat
6. Sable Fur Hat

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