21 September 2013

Table: Post-Apocalyptic Sorcerer Apparel

In the Post-Apocalyptic Sorcerer Construction Kit, I mentioned that two tables from The Dungeon Dozen reminded me more of sorcerers from Thundarr the Barbarian rather than the creations of bio-sorcerers. Synthetic Humanoids 3: The Outer Crust, however, reminds me more of the servants, slaves, or unfortunate victims it is intended to generate. This requires me to provide my own table for outfitting evil sorcerers in the fashion that truly reflects their inner megalomaniac. Hence...

Post-Apocalyptic Sorcerer Apparel

Roll 1d20

  1. Battle harness and cloak.
  2. Clothing from a costume shop.
  3. Formal attire circa 20th Century.
  4. Form-fitting leather armor.
  5. Furs and recycled armor.
  6. Futuristic clothing constructed of linked plastic squares.
  7. Gauze wrapping. (Additional costume optional.)
  8. Hawaiian shirt and Bermuda shorts (or muumuu).
  9. Hazmat suit.
  10. Jumpsuit and bionic exoskeleton.
  11. Lab coat.
  12. Medieval armor.
  13. Power armor.
  14. Pressure suit.
  15. Robe decorated with arcane symbols.
  16. Silk clothing and high-collared cape.
  17. Stylish silver suit (reflects lasers).
  18. Surgeon's scrubs.
  19. Toga.
  20. Tunic.

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