28 January 2023

Fight or Fright

I just read "Morale, Fear, and Madness" in Archade's Tower, and I think it has some ideas worth testing at the table. I tend to avoid (or neglect using) rules that impose or restrict player character behavior, as I believe situations and the manner in which they are presented ought to be enough to motivate a player's actions, but this article reflects a similar desire to preserve player agency—albeit in a mechanical fashion—and I think it might be a useful alternative. I'll be rereading the relevant section in the Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG rule book and pondering the topic.


  1. I was thinking of simple system. If you lose Morale/Fear test you choose Fight or Flight. Either run away or forgo any defense (even unconscious) and throw everything you have at the enemy.

    1. Interesting. Would foregoing any defense involve penalties?