05 October 2021

Next Year Blogtober; This Year Blocktober

Some year, I would like to attempt a daily post for the month of October in the manner of my April Fools' random tables or the #RPGaDay prompts. It's too late for October 2021, but I'd like to have an idea for next year's Blogtober by the end of the month. So far, it's been Blocktober, as in writer's block, which is a shame considering how productive my gaming blogs were in September (especially Theoretical Swashbuckling and Savage Arts & Sciences). In all of my gaming blogs I am meeting or exceeding my goal of posting at least one article per month, so that's something worthy of subdued celebration. It would be nice to do something special for the Halloween season, though. This year, I might post some "How to Create a Horror Protagonist" articles similar to my How to Create a Swashbuckler series in Theoretical Swashbuckling. We shall see. Meanwhile, if I could recommend one spooky movie to gamers other than Ghostbusters, it would be The Raven, starring Vincent Price, Boris Karloff, Peter Lorre, and a few others you might know. It is rich with gaming inspiration.

(Rest in) Peace!

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