08 April 2014

Multi-Class Advancement 2

My recommendations in the previous article were based on the assumption that I would be following my standard rule of not imposing level limits on demi-human characters, but perhaps there is a way of preserving level limits in such a way that it does not discriminate against them. Therefore:

Any character, human or demi-human, who has but a single class, has no limit to the level he or she may achieve (and any character can choose any class).

Any character, human or demi-human, who is multi-classed, is limited to the 9th level of experience in any class.

In summary, any character can be multi-classed regardless of species, but will have the same level limits. Any character can be single-classed in any class and will have no level limit.

This does not mean that all classes are equally common to all species. Player characters are exceptional. Non-player characters may very well conform more closely to the D&D standard.


  1. I use an easier technique ...
    maximum character level is based upon primary ability score
    STR for fighters, DEX for rogues, CON for rangers/ barbarians
    WIS for priests, INT for mages and CHA for sorcerers / agents..

    1. Is the maximum for multi-class characters only or for single-class characters as well?