08 March 2014

Return to the Keep

It's been a long time since I've read The Keep on the Gaming Lands, the gaming Web log of Mike Mearls, and although he hasn't posted anything since August 2013, I must say I miss it. I prefer his turn-of-the-millennium creations (PERP, SEIZE THEM!, HAND AXE), but I've also enjoyed what he's written on the subject of revisiting classic editions of Dungeons & Dragons such as as OD&D, Basic/Expert D&D, and AD&D, which brings me to a couple of his articles.

What You Know, Who You Know addresses the difference between acquiring knowledge in early edition D&D (sages) and later edition D&D (player character knowledge skills), and reconciles them quite nicely.

I Am Not a Storyteller is a reminder that the fun of being a DM (or GM) for him [and me as well] is not in crafting plots (railroading), but in creating possibilities for improvisation. The last paragraph reveals his preference for using OD&D and (I assume from the term "BD&D") Basic D&D.

Please update The Keep on the Gaming Lands, Mearls! Everyone else, check it out!

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