06 January 2014

Welcome to 2014

This will be a good year for role-playing from my vantage. I may be GMing for up to three four different groups of gamers this year, which is truly an embarrassment of riches. From there it will be a short jump back to convention gaming, which means a return to Origins and possibly another convention or two. There were 58 posts in Applied Phantasticality in 2012 and 104 in 2013. I believe there will be at least twice as many in 2014 with my return to active role-playing.

The focus here remains on Old School Renaissance role-playing games in general with an emphasis on Basic/Expert Dungeons & Dragons and Labyrinth Lord. My considerable interest in Fudge finds its outlet in Fudgerylog and Fudgery.net (although the former might find a new home if I cannot find a solution to the comment spam problem).

I had a setback in my plans to publish more 3x5 geomorphs (I misplaced or lost many of them recently), but I plan to draw more and share them here soon.

Peace, prosperity, and good health be with you all. And game on!

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